Fabric Care

Rayon Chenille or Bamboo Chenille:

Handwash in cold water with mild soap such as hair or baby shampoo, lie flat until almost dry, then “fluff up” briefly (three minutes) with a fabric softener sheet in a dryer set on low-heat gentle.

Always use fabric softener and minimize agitation and heat. Agitation will eventually remove the pile from the chenille and the tassels, and tangle the tassels. Heat could shrink your item.

For creases or a too-worn look, freshen up by spritzing with water and drying as above. Or hang in a steamy bathroom.

The fabric has already been washed by hand and dried as above, in Guatemala.

Click here for another explanation regarding care of chenille.

Or you may professionally dry clean your scarf.

Lightweight Bamboo:

Handwash in cold water with mild soap such as hair or baby shampoo, and rinse with fabric softener. Hang to dry. Iron as needed, using rayon setting. If your scarf is open-weave, be careful not to get the tip of the iron caught in the weaving.

Cotton Scarves and Shawls:

Hand wash in cool water. Do not wring. Hang to dry. Iron on cotton setting as necessary, being careful not to insert tip of iron in open weave spaces. Use steam as needed. Comb fringes if needed.

Cotton Placemats, Napkins, and Runners:

For the first wash, wash separately. Cool or warm water. Either hang dry or dry in dryer until almost dry, then remove from dryer and smooth flat in order to avoid the need for ironing. Iron as needed on cotton setting.

Note: None of our products should bleed dye.  However, exercise care in washing any item purchased from Guatemala which does not carry this guarantee. Wash separately at first. If the wash water has dye in it, soak the item for several hours in warm water in which you have dissolved a significant amount of either salt or vinegar.  Then rinse until the water runs clear.  Problems can be caused by low-quality dye and not using the proper water temperature or rinsing procedures when hand-dyeing fabrics. In particular, we have seen over-dyed items purchased on the street in Guatemala have this problem.

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