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Upcoming Events

Cultural Survival Virtual Bazaar

Through December
Join us and many talented indigenous artisans and cooperatives from around the world and their Fair Trade representatives online. Exhibitors from all over the world have 3-minute videos showing the artisans’ work and sharing their stories as well as links to their websites.
This is New England’s premier global Indigenous arts festival, in its 46th year! The Bazaar in December 2000 was our first sales event ever!
The Cultural Survival Bazaars are a series of cultural festivals sponsored by Cultural Survival that provide Indigenous artists, cooperatives, and their representatives from around the world the chance to sell their work directly to the American
Each bazaar features traditional and contemporary crafts, artwork, clothing, jewelry, home goods, and accessories from dozens of countries. In addition, the Bazaars offer cultural performances and presentations, including live music, storytelling, craft-making demonstrations, and the unique chance to talk directly with makers and community advocates. See the Bazaar’s Facebook page.
Cultural Survival works to support the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.