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Bamboo Chenille Large Glasses / Cell Phone / Disco Bag / Microphone Bag

Bamboo Chenille Large Glasses / Cell Phone / Disco Bag / Microphone Bag

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Bamboo Chenille Large Glasses / Cell Phone / Disco Bag / Microphone Bag

Model Number: BOL-CH-GL-L
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Manufacturer: Asociación Maya
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Our Large Bamboo Chenille Glasses / Cell Phone / Disco Bag / Microphone Bag is an easy way to keep your necessities accessible, Soft, beautiful, and convenient to use.

The fabric is handwoven from bamboo chenille yarn hand-dyed in small batches (the warp) and hand-dyed cotton thread (the weft) on traditional backstrap looms. Exceptionally well-tailored by the co-op’s tailors, some of the best in Guatemala.

An open pocket on the outside (large enough for your cellphone, for instance). Lined with cotton fabric. Foam interfacing helps the bag throughout helps the bag cushion its contents and keep its shape. Velcro closure. Neck strap.

5.5"”W x 7.25”H, with 50” strap and 5.5" x 5.5" open pocket in back.

50% bamboo chenille, 50% cotton

The chenille yarn is very high quality, made from sustainably-grown organic bamboo thread in China, is colorfast, and will not rub off onto your clothing or pill.

PLEASE LOOK AT THE BAMBOO SCARVES, CHOOSE YOUR FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD CHOICES AND LET US KNOW THESE PREFERENCES IN THE ORDER NOTES SECTION. We currently have in stock the following color ways: Greens, Blue, Coffee (6C-8) and Blues, Purple (6C-11). 

Browns, Black (4C-3), Pale Blue Lilac Jade Beige (6C-2), Rich Reds, Copper (6C-3), Green, Purple, Blue (6C-5), Greens, Brown, Copper (6C-7), Greens, Blue, Coffee (6C-8), Purples, Lilac, Violet (6C-9), Blues, Purple (6C-11), Blues, Dark Gray (6C-24), and Browns, Turquoise (6C-40). Black has been shipped from Guatemala and will arrive soon.

Any other color way can be backordered, and will generally take 4-6 weeks to arrive to you. 

Product Care
Hand wash in cold water with mild soap such as hair or baby shampoo, lay flat until almost dry, then “fluff up” briefly (three minutes) with a fabric softener sheet in a dryer set on low-heat gentle.

Always use fabric softener and minimize agitation and heat. Agitation will eventually remove the pile from the chenille. Heat could shrink your item.

For creases or a too-worn look, freshen up by spritzing with water and drying as above. Or hang in a steamy bathroom.

The fabric has already been washed by hand and dried as above, in Guatemala.

Or you may have your handbag professionally dry cleaned.