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Turquoise, Celestial Blues - Handwoven Lightweight Bamboo Mask

Turquoise, Celestial Blues - Handwoven Lightweight Bamboo Mask

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Turquoise, Celestial Blues - Handwoven Lightweight Bamboo Mask

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Manufacturer: Asociación Maya
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These beautiful masks are handmade with an outer layer of handwoven hand-dyed lightweight bamboo lined with an inner layer of appropriately colored tightly woven cotton twill fabric. The elastic goes around the head rather than behind the ears. These masks can also be worn around the neck for easy access. They are hand-sewn into a beak-like shape by the co-op’s amazing tailors. The co-op has been able to use many of their scrap fabrics as well as new weavings to make these masks.

These masks are durable and re-usable.

You can now get a mask to match your bamboo scarf! We’ll be getting more colors of masks. Let us know if you would like a particular color. We will also be getting masks with elastic that goes behind one's ears.

How the colors flow in the weaving is unique—no two are exactly alike.

Check to make sure that this size will work for you. They fit most people, but may not fit those with very large faces.

These masks may be best for the fall, winter and spring months, as they can be warm in the summer heat.

6.5-7" from top of nose to chin along the curve of the fabric, 5.5" straight line

7" across the top of the mask

10" from elastic to elastic, along the bottom of the mask

12" black elastic goes behind one’s head, and stretches to up to 30"

NOTE: We are in the process of designing more sizes and styles of masks. Please let us know your suggestions about what designs and sizes that you have found work best for you! (Email link)

Please note these masks are not medical grade or N95. However, they do follow the CDC's recommendations for cloth face masks. Follow all recommended face-covering guidelines. Wash after each use. Hand-wash or place in a garment bag if using a washing machine.

All mask sales are final, for hygienic reasons.