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We have many products in the U.S. and are sending more products from Guatemala every month. We are usually able to ship within a few days to a week by USPS First Class. If some products in your order will take longer, we will let you know. 
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Our Projects

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Helping to Build New Weavers’ Workshop

Young women who served on the co-op’s board of directors in recent years.

Food Aid for Maya in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala

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We have raised over $7,000 via our GoFundMe campaign, and spent even more on food and hygiene supplies for Maya in Santiago Atitlán during the pandemic. We have also purchased medical supplies for the local Centro de Salud in Panabaj, Santiago. Read more at our GoFundMe page.

Helping Tz’utu Kan Rebuild His Maya Cultural Center which was burned down in April 2020

Tz’utu Kan is a Maya Tz’utujil hip-hop artist and cultural ambassador and advocate whose home and cultural center, Casa Kan, was burned down in April 2020, likely by arson.