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Our Projects

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Tuik Ruch Lew (TRL) is a grassroots Guatemalan non-profit with the mission to implement sustainable solutions to the environmental, health and well-being challenges that threaten the livelihood of the Maya and the other inhabitants that make up the population living in the Lake Atitlán basin. We envision a thriving Lake Atitlán basin free of air pollution, with forest biodiversity, clean water and empowered communities for a prosperous, sustainable and healthy life.


Tuik Ruch Lew operates two projects to improve the lives of Tz’utujil community members by reducing poverty, improving health outcomes, and protecting local ecosystems: (1) The Improved Cookstove (ICS) Project, which promotes the use of ONIL energy-efficient, clean-burning cookstoves, (2) The provision of British Berkefeld water filters to enable access to safe drinking water and minimize pollution from single-use plastics. All projects include an environmental education component, empowering beneficiaries to better understand the environmental challenges threatening Lake Atitlán and to lead local efforts to combat climate change.

Tuik Ruch Lew’s mostly Maya staff maintains a commitment to the community’s indigenous culture. Tuik Ruch Lew works within the framework of an impoverished and semi-illiterate community. Successful partnership with local stakeholders enables Tuik Ruch Lew to help conserve the ecosystems surrounding the Lake.

Help these children of San Pedro la Laguna reach the sky.

To enhance the lives of children of very poor Maya Tz’utujil families in Guatemala through art, nutrition and education assistance; to afford opportunities for a bright future.

Helping Tz’utu Kan Rebuild His Maya Cultural Center which was burned down in April 2020



Tz’utu Kan is a Maya Tz’utujil hip-hop artist and cultural ambassador and advocate whose home and cultural center, Casa Kan, was burned down in April 2020, likely by arson. a on o