Help Tz’utu Kan
To Rebuild His House,
Casa Kan

By purchasing a download of the Balam Ajpu album, Jun Winaq´Rajawal Qíj / Tribute to the 20 Nawales, from this website, you help support the rebuilding of Casa Kan, Tz’utu Kan’s home and cultural center which was burned down in April of this year. You can also donate to the cause without buying the download by clicking HERE. Either way, all proceeds go to Tz’utu Kan, a member of the Maya Hip Hop band Balam Ajpu.

The album contains 20 songs named after the 20 Nawales (Mayan spirit animals). Click HERE to read appreciations of the band and its work. Click HERE to read / learn about Tz’utu’s work to support Mayan culture and about the tragic burning of his house and cultural center. And have a listen to the sample clips below—enjoy!

Saq B’ey

To find your Maya Nawal, click on these links: (español) (Click on the year, then month and day)

For more information about the Mayan calendar and Maya cosmovision, click on these links:  (Spanish)

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